The Line. 9 km



The Line. 9km.

The longest line in Europe – a conveyor belt connecting the Folwark Chalk Marble Mine with the Górażdże Cement Plant. The only one
of its kind in Europe. It is 9 km long.
How does it fit into the landscape 30 years after it was built?
How strongly did he separate the natural and agricultural areas, dividing them with his course line?
What extent has nature accepted the industrial facility and assimilated with it?
Is the conveyor belt line with its surroundings a synergy or an alien antagonistic creation?
How can a thematic line, which is one of the elementary compositional components in art, be the basis for creative interpretation and use in a contemporary landscape?

The project illustrates the symbiosis of an industrial facility with the surrounding nature and space.

The final audiovisual project consists of the following parts:
– a set of 20 photographs made in the hybrid technique – from digital works, after the author’s post-production process, large-format digital negatives were created and finally contact prints in the historical platinotype process in the format of approx. 60x40cm.
– photocast (mp4)

Selected photographs from this project are in gallery.

The project was created thanks to the scholarship of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage received in 2022.

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