Artist Statment

For me, photography is a form of personal expression, which at the same time complements my “non-technical” expectations and experiences. It allows me to look beyond the plane I come into contact with on a daily basis.

I choose for myself various topics for realization, those that I invented myself or that aroused my interest when I came across them. My images are a visualization of the process from an idea, through various ways of its implementation (historical analogue and digital techniques, figurative and abstract forms), a conscious choice of each stage of this process, the aim of which is to lead to a work ready for transfer to paper, the moment when I recognize it to finished. I try to make each of these stages resonate in my photographs, regardless of whether I express myself through nature, mountain landscape, urban, industrial or architecture photography.

Although I approach my creative work methodically, often exploring the given topic for many months or years, creating series of images, I also use an emotional and intuitive approach to creating images. Often, I am inspired by only one image noticed in the space around me, triggering an internal impulse for further reflection and implementation. Later, I try to transfer my state of mind from the moments that delighted me, captivated me and inspired me. Most often, I create black and white photographs, because then I have full influence on the creative process of the image, at the same time depriving them of literality typical of color photographs. For several years, I have also used “time compression” particularly often, where I use a variety of light, movement and time, thanks to which I create images that we do not normally perceive with our eyesight.

In my photography, I strive to ensure that the symbolic border of the picture, the edge or the frame that brings the visual layer to the fore, is at the same time an insight into the mirror reflecting my interior. Hence, I am close to the romantic nature of photography, an attempt to convey it harmony, hints of poetry, sometimes delicate and sometimes even strong expression, addressed to a sensitive recipient, in whom it can evoke some emotions, evoke memories or associations, impressions or their own interpretation.

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