(out of) focus in vision

(out of) focus in vision

The mountain landscape is extremely varied, which enables the creation of diverse, natural, surreal or abstract images. High mountains, soaring peaks, delightful ridges. More than once I used them to create mountain photos of the Tatra Mountains or the Dolomites.
This time lower mountains, of a different nature, which I decided to present from a different perspective, became the model. Different mountains, different view.
(out of) focus in vision is a set of black-and-white mountain photographs. Not necessarily focused directly on the mountains, but rather photography in the mountains, serving as a cause for reflection.

The result of these reflections are two types of images, complementing each other.
The first demonstrates: seeing out of focus.

The consequence of external movement of matter, processing it through imagination and curiosity how the passing of time, demonstrated by motion and constituting the lack of focus on the image, will be able to express emotions in the future, after being stopped and preserved in a frame. Despite the fact that the resulting photographs are out of focus, imperfect, unclear. Or maybe because of that?

The second demonstrates: seeing in focus.The consequence of internal movement, of images sharpened, “separated” and “extracted” from their surroundings – close-ups and details, representing elements of the mountain landscape. Formed by ordinary, even trivial images, which we often pass without noticing their unique nature. The mountains are still present here, directly or not, from another perspective. Although in contrast with the previous, wider landscapes, they also serve to complement them.
They are all a representation of focus – focus in vision.

Krzysztof Strzoda /description for the exhibition/

I love the beauty of Krzysztof Strzoda’s photography. Watching them, I almost feel like their author. Like Krzysztof, while photographing I succumb to states of excitement about the apparent banality of the surrounding and permeating world. Focus on the unique, the weight of the memory of the stone, time flies in the shifting sky. Perceiving the light and the logic of the frames is a synonym for asking about the meaning of everything. Krzysztof’s photography is a fight against the superficiality of seeing and thinking. It is impossible to photograph what is important, but thanks to photography you can get closer to it. The meaning does not lie in the visual layer of photography, and the sight is not the primary sense of understanding it. Only the search counts, and the sensuality of the photos is a reward for the viewer.

Józef Wolny /description for the exhibition/

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