stany (nie)ulotne / (non)volatile

Stany (nie)ulotne / (non)volatile

The photocast, consisting of three parts, was created on the basis of cycles, which are an expression of immediate, fleeting and difficult to repeat states, both in terms of matter, which is the source of the image, and (emotional) states accompanying me during their execution.

The water was shaped into forms which in the photographer’s eye created interesting compositions. Individual, unique and unstable forms, just like the crystal particles from which they were created. Some are shaped by the ground, some carved by the sun and wind, they have assumed heterogeneous shapes.

Playback time: 5m14s

Poetry: Jan Kasprowicz, Franciszek Nowicki

Photographs, edition, postproduction: Krzysztof Strzoda

Music: William „Elon” DeHaro „Way to the River of Dreams”

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