(de)composition of space

(de)composition of space

(de)compositions of space is a photographic installation designed for a multi-photo presentation; in the short version, most often presented in the form of a triptych, which is the result of a photo-creative process aimed at involving the viewer in the process of creating an image; it consists of multifaceted compositions, which are a process of space decomposition and recomposition of the imagination, work and exhibition space; the recipient can change at least one theme.
The whole project consists of three parts, and the inspiration for the photography was the architectural spaces.

The subjective, photographic separation of fragments from the existing space of an architectural object is a decomposition and, at the same time, an act of recomposing (conventionally called the primary composition). Arrangements of points, lines, objects of architectural space created a vision of geometric minimalist patterns and constitute a collection of elementary, decomposed and composed images at the same time.

Secondary composition takes place in the process of creating a new image (or images) in space with the use of elementary parts. In addition, each time the composition of the spatial arrangements of the resulting photograph is made in the space of the triptych, the arrangement of individual photos, the space of presentation, and the exhibition space.
The author presents his primary and secondary compositions (possible to create by choosing from 151 photographs) in the form of 2D and 3D installations, at the same time giving the viewer the opportunity to create their own compositions and composition layouts.

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