My series '(non)volatile’ photographs are an expression of immediate fleeting and difficult to repeat states, both in terms of the matter that was the source of the image, so the (emotional) states accompanying their taking.

I created my compositions from forms shaped from water. Individual, unique forms, just like the crystal particles from which they were created. Impermanentles, changing in time, processed by nature hour by hour, day by day, to finally melt and penetrate the substrate. Visible only when there is adequate light, otherwise they hide and merge into a homogeneous shapeless mass.

With the use of the historical technique of photography – Platinotype – unstable forms of matter were transposed into a permanent material form, formed from the colloidal particles most durable on the Earth of noble metal, dispersed in the fibers of the cotton paper.

The entire series, consisting of 12 photographs of the size 20×20 cm, was taken in 2014-2015 in the Dolomites, Italy.

Selected photographs from this project are in gallery.

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